Grandma I’ll Miss You

Eight-year-old Katy is saddened by the fact that her grandmother is dying, but Grandma explains that her soul will be moving on to a wonderful new life in heaven.

All Ages
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Read by the Author
Playing time: 25 Minutes

Grandma I’ll Miss You is recommended reading for children in bereavement situations by:

  • University of Michigan Health System Library
  • The Children’s Hospital Family Health Library, Denver Colorado
  • Central Homecare & Hospice, Inc., Newton, Kansas
  • Center for Hope Hospice Care, Darien, Connecticut
  • The Ottawa Hospital Patient & Family Libraries, Ottawa, Canada

Grandma I‘ll Miss You is a beautiful book. It carries a message in a profoundly touching way, and will be a wonderful help to parents in grief situations.”
— Ruth (Mrs. Norman Vincent) Peale

“A difficult subject, sensitively and movingly handled.”

— Anne Tyler, Pulitzer Prize-wining author of Breathing LessonsDinner at the Homesick Restaurant, and The Accidental Tourist

“Stunning! Everything about the feel and look of the book say “quality,” “important,” “special” … “lovingly crafted.” I loved the text, reading it aloud, and the color pictures.”
— Elizabeth Sherrillauthor of best-selling inspirational classics, The Hiding Place, and The Cross and the Switchblade, and All the Way to Heaven

“I have never read a book which put death in such a beautiful perspective for children and adults, too! When I read the story you could have heard a pin drop. The children were entranced. One little boy who had lost his mother was deeply moved.”
— Zita O’Brien, Education Director, St. Thomas More Church, Darien, Connecticut

“I liked the book. It made dying unscary.”
— Leila S., Third-grader, Darien, Connecticut